BEING God Workshop

The greatest thing I learned from Darel and Being The Solution is how the Creative Process really works.


Most people live their life process like... Do, Have and then Be. But if you want your life to really work and have a quantum leap in results, you must live your life process beginning with, Be, Do and then Have. You see, you must BE that person first, then you will DO the inspired action naturally and then you will just naturally HAVE what you want. But you have to make a BEING CHOICE first then the DOING will follow.


Don’t just go out there and DO, DO, DO. Using the BE DO HAVE success formula, I was able to believe and achieve—manifest any end result I wanted. I went from earning $750,000 per year to over $1,000,000 per month. Thanks Darel.

                                                                                                                                                                             --Thach Nguyen



My quality of life has improved significantly in many areas of my life since completing the Being Workshop. The greatest improvement of all has been the feeling of just knowing the people and things I want in my life will automatically come to me...and they are.


I now have a deep sense of inner peace and my relationships have improved beyond words. I am DOING less work and making more money than ever before. I’ve recommended the BEING Workshop and your books to my closest friends and I would suggest them to anyone seeking spiritual and financial freedom. I'm looking forward to the next few years of education with you!

--Chris Larmer



For over 8 years, I've been learning from and practicing use of the abundance tools the BEING THE SOLUTION workshops offer. And life just keeps getting better and better.


I have become someone I once only dreamed about. And I intend to keep studying, perfecting and growing with this information. My life continues to unfold abundantly and always by my own design as I assist others through the process of BEcoming their dreams as well.

--Deborah Ivanoff



Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my ego. The BEING CHOICE!!!!

--Eric Elegado



Now I know what life is about!


Prior to reading Being The Solution, I was a goal writing machine working day and night to get ahead. Now that I practice Darel's techniques, I am experiencing a quantum leap in production while working significantly fewer hours. I never imagined that I could 'Advance to Go' and collect my $200 so easy. I can't wait for his next lesson.

--Greg Harrelson



Since I first took the BEING Workshop less than three years ago, my net income has tripled, and my net worth has more than doubled.  All of this has happened with far less stress in my life.  That's why I continue to practice the BEING principles and have taken the workshop numerous times! Regards, Jackie

--Jackie Pasciak



To put it directly; we have always kind of known we’ve had a great life.  We now have the tools to fully and freely enjoy it and be at peace!!!  


Thank you from the true being within our hearts!

--Joe DiRaffaele

--Shannan Fogle



I began the Being Workshop shortly after a difficult and traumatic divorce. I had a struggling, cash strapped business which I needed to turn around. I knew that my old patterns of thinking and feeling would prevent my moving forward. I decided to enroll in the Being Solution and change my inner landscape


Since embracing the Being Solution I have discovered my power to create my life, transform my self-image and propel my business forward. My sales are up almost 50%, I’ve found a great manager, and I am moving to a new location three times bigger than my current one. I have also discovered a new career to pursue. But most importantly I have acquired a new sense of myself, embraced abundance consciousness, and feel in tune with life. 

--Judy Banfield




Taking the BEING THE SOLUTION Workshop had me take responsibility for what I say and what's in my life. A newer relationship evolved into a wonderful, loving, committed marriage because of the growth I experience while in BEING THE SOLUTION. I manifest the money or house I ask for, because I let go of ego resistance.

--Scott Friedman




Darel has shown me the previously-hidden "inward path."  Since employing his philosophy and principles, life has made a marvelous tilt; I am now experiencing true fulfillment in every phase and magnetically attracting things I thought mostly belonged to others - money, opportunity, rewarding relationships and stratospheric personal strength. 

--Scott B. Umstead




Since I've started in the workshop, the huge difference is that I do not worry about things anymore. Worry used to consume me. Not anymore. I live my life in a free mode. I know I can do what I want to.

--Tamara Dean




To say that you changed my life is an understatement. Life changing friends that I will have for a lifetime is just one of the benefits of doing the BEING Workshop! Deciding to give 110% was the best thing that has ever happened to me in all my 31 years.


 I not only enjoy more money, working a whole lot less, I enjoy my family, my career and my co-workers 500% more. I now completely enjoy all aspects of my life. I’ve pretty much reduced my stress to NONE and am now at peace with life. I have not felt this carefree since I was a child.


Phenomenal things are happening all around me, only now I have the time to see and enjoy them! You, Darel, Deborah, and Sherry you have changed my life in every positive way that it could have been changed! I am forever grateful to you for showing me all the joy and light that was within me all along!!


You will be one of the major stepping stones to life changing events that I’ll tell all my grandkids about! It is a gift to know that there are people in the world today willing to give it their all to show us just how wonderful life really can be. You all are truly the biggest blessing that has ever happened to me. I love you guys!! :)

--Tammie Johnson



I am honored to have been a part of the workshop that created this book.  You have given me tools to live the life I've always dreamed of having.  Now I have peace, profit, love, abundance, acceptance, and I’m making a difference. I’m not holding back on anything in life. 


You truly made a difference in my life.  I thank GOD daily for putting you into my life.  I wish everyone could learn these life changing principles.                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                          --Venny Saucedo




Interview with Darel

Listen to Darel talk about his teachings, the BEING workshops, and his new book.



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